streamGo Platform Tech Check (Without a producer)

In this article, we will cover some of the basics you need to be aware of ahead of your event. This includes how to login, access webcams and control slides. To ensure you are ready to go for your event, please follow all steps in this article.


Note: This article is intended for use when attending a tech check has not been possible. We do not recommend using this article in place of an booked tech check. For full support and the ability to ask questions, it is best to book a tech check with a streamGo Event Producer. 

Walkthrough Video

Short on time? We've got a shorter 5 minute version covering all the basics, which you can view here.


Testing Your Connection

We need to check a couple of things when it comes to your connection. To take out all the stress and hassle, we have made it super easy by rolling everything into one tester tool. Please visit, and you should see the screen displayed below. Make sure you are setup the in the same location you intend to be in for the live event or recording, as this allows us to get accurate results.

Follow the on screen instructions to carry out the test. Once complete, we need to see your results. The easiest way is to send a PDF, which you can download by pressing CRTL+P (Windows) or CMMD+P (Mac) which will open the Print dialogue. Under printer or destination, select 'Save as PDF'. This will now download the file and you should email this to your streamGo Project Manager. If you're a speaker/presenter for an event, just pass this on to someone from the events team who will get this information to us.


Technical Specifications

To prevent running into issues, there are a few things you may want to take into account which we will explore below:

Connectivity Issues

  • Ensure that you are not connected via VPN as this may block the connection.
  • If the Firewall appears to be blocking the link a member of the IT team will need to whitelist the following URLs -,,,,,,,,,
  • Chrome is the preferred browser, however Firefox is also a good alternative. Internet Explorer and Safari are not supported.
  • Check that your internet speed is no lower than 10MB upload and download. This test can be conducted on Please 'Print' the page and then in the print dialogue, save the results as a PDF and send these on to your Project Manager.
  • Try an alternate network (none corporate where possible). If you still experience the issue on an alternate network this would indicate that it is the device causing the issue.
  • Try a personal laptop if possible, connected to a personal network.

Audio/Visual Issues

  • Ensure that permission has been granted to access both the camera and the mic. This typically pops up when you first open the tester page, however may need manually allowing in your device settings.
  • Ensure that the correct webcam and microphone are selected in the settings. Settings can be found when you first open the tester tool, so just refresh the page if you need to change these.
  • If the internal camera/microphone is proving to be problem please try an external camera or microphone where possible.
  • Ensure that all other applications, for example Zoom or Teams, that may access camera/mic are closed down.
  • If the above still doesn’t allow access try a restart on the device to ensure that all connections to other devices are cut.