Articles to help you get the most from your event.

streamGo Event Support

Setting Up Your Event

Everything you need to help us get your event set up as quickly as possible.

34 articles

streamGo Pro - DIY options

Get the help you need to set your events up in just a few minutes.

23 articles

Customise Your Event

Customise your streamGo event with unique tracking, integrations and more.

33 articles

Help For Presenters

How to set up your slides, webcam instructions and more.

14 articles

Reporting and Post Event

Discover insights about your audience, including user journeys.

13 articles

Ticket Types

Discover how ticket types can be used across your event.

9 articles


Learn more about our integrations with the likes of HubSpot and Salesforce.

8 articles


How to setup and customise your continuous professional development (CPD)

5 articles

Tips To Increase Registrations

Helpful tips and tricks to increase event registrations.

4 articles