Using Your Webcam

Logging in to the webcam and slides for your event.

Before your event, it’s important that we test your webcam and slides to ensure they are working.
This should be done at least 30 minutes before the start of your event to resolve any technical issues.
You may have also been asked to attend a tech check in the days or weeks before your event.
This short guide will walk you through how to login to test your webcam and slides.

Article Contents:

How to login

You must use Google Chrome as your browser, Internet Explorer is not supported. Download Google Chrome:
Firstly, please use the same device (laptop or computer), location and Internet connection that you intend to use on the day of your event. Please disconnect from any VPNs. A wired Internet connection will give you the best results, to use wifi please disconnect other devices from your network and sit close to the router.
Login to using the email and password provided to you.

When you first visit the page, you will be prompted to allow access to your webcam and microphone. Please allow access to both the microphone and the camera. 

Once you’re logged in, you will then be able to join the conference by clicking “Join Call”. We will begin the test with you via the video conference.

If you have any issues connecting, call the streamGo Production team on +44 203 026 9660.

How To Set Up Your Webcam

Check out this article for more webcam tips..


Connectivity Issues

  • Ensure that you are not connected via VPN as this may block the connection.
  • If the Firewall appears to be blocking the link a member of the IT team will need to whitelist the url
  • Chrome is the preferred browser, however Firefox and Safari are good alternatives typically.
  • Check that your internet speed is no lower than 10MB upload and download. This test can be conducted on
  • Try an alternate network (none corporate where possible). If you still experience the issue on an alternate network this would indicate that it is the device causing the issue.
  • Try a personal laptop if possible, connected to a personal network.

Audio/Visual Issues

  • Ensure that permission has been granted to access both the camera and the mic. This typically pops up when you first login, however may need manually allowing in your device settings.
  • Ensure that the correct webcam and microphone are selected in the Settings. Settings can be found by clicking the three dots beneath all the speaker icons on the right and then select settings in the list.
  • If the internal camera/microphone is proving to be problem please try an external camera or microphone where possible.
  • Ensure that all other applications, for example Zoom or Teams, that may access camera/mic are closed down.
  • If the above still doesn’t allow access try a restart on the device to ensure that all connections to other devices are cut.


  •  If all of the above options do not resolve the issues please let us know and we can arrange to use an alternate system for the webcam recording.
  • The webcam link is always active, so testing can be performed with colleagues/IT teams outside of booked in tech checks.

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