Allowing and Denying Access for Events

In this help article, we will be looking at how to prepare allow and deny lists within the streamGo platform. You can control who can/cannot register for an event by creating allow or deny rules based on email addresses or IP addresses. For example, you may allow your own company email address (e.g for an internal event.



Deny: Anybody can register other than those on the deny list (for example if you deny anybody can register, however cannot)

Allow: Nobody can register unless they are on the allow list. Please note, once an allow rule is created it must cover all people you wish to be able to register for the event. For example if you allow, then only will be allowed to register for the event.

Wild cards: These may also be used to create rules for a range of emails using the same domain, for example creating a rule for * would apply to any email address which ends in Note, there must be a * included before the email domain.

Creating a Rule

Click on "Projects" in the top navigation bar. Once here, select the relevant project for the online event you want to create Access Control for. Click on the project name or pencil icon to edit it
Once you have selected the project you would like to edit, click on "Access Control" from the menu on the left. At the top of the Access section you have the option to turn on Registration Moderation, Block Search Engines and Allow Business Emails only. Beneath this you will be able to see any existing rule here, but also a button reading "Create Restriction". We will click on this to create a new rule

After clicking this button, you will see this popup menu as shown below.  You can use this menu to either manually enter any rules you wish to apply or to bulk upload an allow or deny list. You may choose to bulk upload if you have a list you use again across all your events. To bulk upload a number of email or IP addresses you can upload these from a spreadsheet file. Create a spreadsheet with each email or IP address listed on a new line then drag it onto the area shown or click to select the file from your device. If you choose to manually enter email or IP addresses, do so separated by a new line. Remember, wildcard addresses must be enter as * - you need to include the asterisk. Here's a video to show you how to upload a spreadsheet to create a white or black list

Note: You cannot use the same document to mix allow and deny rules. All allow addresses must be on one spreadsheet and deny on a separate spreadsheet. This also applies when manually entering emails or IPs. You will need to select the access you with to amend one at a time.

Once you have finished creating your restriction, click on the 'Create Restriction' button. This will now upload your spreadsheet or manually entered details and these will all be displayed in a list as shown in the example above. You can see the email/IP address, the type of access and choose to delete these rules by clicking on the red cross icon. You can also choose to delete all current restrictions using the red button at the bottom of the page

Video Walkthrough

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