Accessing registrations

In this article we will be looking at how to access a list or registrations for your event, as well as how to download these.

Firstly, login to the streamGo dashboard using the login details provided. Ensure you are using an account that can access reporting. Find out more about different user logins types here.

Next, click on "Reports" in the top navigation menu and then click "Projects" on the left. You will then be presented with a list of all the projects you have access to. Click on the project/event you would like to view.
You will then be greeted with your reports page for this event. As shown below, you will see the sub menu on the left hand side. Please navigate to registrants.

Your display will now change to showcase all of your registrants. You can manipulate what registrant category you view by clicking on the "All", "Attendees" and "Non-Attendees" tabs on the right.
To explain what these mean:
  • Attendees - This shows who attended your event page and watched the session.
  • Non-Attendees - This shows who registered but did not attend your event during the initial transmission.
  • All - This displays both of the above.
To explain the data available for each registrant:
  • Name - The attendees full name entered when registering
  • Email - The email the attendee registered with
  • Active - Active time is only counted when the web page is in the front view of the computer (i.e. the forefront tab etc)
  • Watching - Watching time is calculated whenever the video is playing (even if it is playing in a different browser tab). Watching and Active time are both counted when a video is played in full screen. If a report shows higher watching time than active time, then the video was playing while the person was using other tabs on their computer
To download all of this data, click on the download icon to the right of the page as highlighted above. You will then be able to download this data and view it in a spreadsheet format. If you would like to find out about how you can download other reporting data, then please go to Step 3 of this help article.

FAQ: How do I see the time a user registered? You can do this by downloading the 'Registrations' report as a CSV file, and the time registered will show in one of the columns here. You can also click 'Reports' in the top navigation bar, select the relevant Project and then choose 'Registrants' from the section on the left. You will then see a column labelled 'Registered' which will display the date and time that person registered.
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