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How To Manage Questions On Your Event

If your event has been set up for questions this help article will show you how to quickly and easily manage any attendee questions.
We suggest your event has a question moderator, separate from the presenter(s), to manage the questions and let the presenter(s) focus on delivering their content.

Article Contents:

Video walkthrough

Step by step guide

Login to the streamGo platform using the details provided by your Project Manager.

If your event is due to go live, you will likely be taken to the console for this event. This is where you will connect your webcam, be able to view and control any slides and speak with your streamGo Event Producer. If this is not the case, you will need to click on "Projects" in the top navigation bar and select the relevant project. Next, find the event you would like to view questions for and click the icon that looks like a computer monitor. This will take you to the console.

Once you have navigated to your console, you will see a screen like the one shown below. At the top right of the page, you will see some icons that allow access to different functions. For questions, you will need to select the furthest left icon (with two speech bubbles).

Now, the questions section will open up in a popup. This box will likely be empty, unless you have already pinned questions. To access the full inbox of all questions received from attendees, you will need to click on the pencil icon. This will then open the questions inbox in a new tab.

Now you will see a full list of all the questions your attendees have submitted. These will be displayed with the persons name and email (this is taken from their registration information) and then their question. Having the persons email is useful for reaching out to attendees and answering questions following the conclusion of our event. To the right of the questions, you will see icons, which we will explain now:

  • Edit (pencil icon): This will allow you to edit the response. For example, if there are any typos, you can correct these so it does not cause error when being read out by your presenter/speakers
  • Pin (pin icon): This will pin the question so it is easily accessible for presenters. Pinned questions are shown in the popup box as shown above. This is why we recommend having a separate moderator to look after the questions from attendees
  • Hide (red cross): This will hide the question by moving them into the 'Hidden' category. This allows you to easily remove questions that may be irrelevant or not suited to the content of your event. These are simply hidden, not delete, so you will still have access to these later
You can further manage questions by using the categories on the left side of the page. These allow access to the 'Inbox', where all questions submitted will be shown other than those hidden. 'Pinned' will show only questions you have pinned for easy access. 'Hidden' will be the only place you can view questions once hidden.

Once a question is pinned, it will now be shown in the popup within the console. Once a question has been read by a presenter/speaker, they are able to click the black cross to the right of that question. This will now move the question to the hidden section.

If you should need to access the questions ahead of an event, you can do so by logging in with your question login details. Once logged in, you will be shown all the projects that the login has access to. Find the relevant project, then click into events, now click the question mark icon. This will now take you to the questions inbox without the need to access the console.

Create Tags and Tag Questions

The streamGo platform allows you to tag questions coming in from the audience. This allows the question moderator to filter questions based on any tag they choose.

Please login using one of the methods detailed above.

To create a tag click the pencil to edit a question, then click the +new alongside tags. You will then see a box in which to type your chosen tag. Hit return and then save. This will save your tag and tag the question you were editing.

To add a tag click the pencil and then select the desired tag from the dropdown list.

Once Tags are added you can click on the tag on the left and this will only display questions that have the selected tag.

Loading questions ahead of the event

You also have the ability to load questions ahead of your event. For example, you may want to do this to create a more structured and formatted Q&A session and are taking question submissions before the event to achieve this.

Please login using one of the methods detailed above.

To add in your question click the +New Question button.

You should then fill in the required details, then click create.

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