Webcam Views and Options

There are a range of layouts available to accommodate webcam and slides for your online event. In this help article, we will be looking at some examples of layouts to give you a better idea of how your live stream will look to your attendees.  You can also select a background image or colour to be displayed behind the webcam and slides.

Active Speaker

This tends to be the most common view used, where the person that is speaking at that moment will be shown full screen.

Grid View:

In grid view we can display a number of presenters, and can even select certain speakers who should appear at different points. You can also request this by speaking to your Event Producer in the half an hour before going live, or on your tech check if you have booked this.

Slides with Webcam

There is also the option to display slides alongside your speakers webcam. You can have the webcam view on the left or right side and we can also make the webcam appear bigger/smaller to allow more room for the slides. The background on this view (green with streamGo logo as an example below) can be customised or is black by default.

50/50 Slides with Webcam

This view is similar to the one shown above, but will display the webcam side by side with the slides. This view can be useful for slides housing large elements and less detail.

Picture-In-Picture (Slides and Webcam)

This layout allows you to display the slides full screen whilst overlaying the webcam of your speaker. This makes it easier for attendees to see your slides with lots of detail, but you should take into account where the camera will be placed and ensure your slides will not be covered. The webcam can appear in any of the four corners.

Full Screen Slides

This view will show only your slides but will still allow your speaker to be heard. This view can also be used for holding slides etc.

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