How to Create and Amend Polls

In this help article, we will be looking at polls, including how to create, amend, and operate them during your event.


How to Create a Poll


Click on the project you would like to create a poll for and then choose the event by clicking "Content" down the left hand side and then "Events". On the left hand side of the page, click on "Engagement" and then "Polls". At the top right of this page, click the "Create Polls" button. You should now have this screen:

Next, give the poll a name. This is how it will be described in the dashboard, not how it will be shown to your attendees. Then, select the poll type you need. To explain the choices:
  • Text is a single line of free text response, where the user can type their own answer
  • A text area is similar to the above, but has multiple lines of free text responses
  • Radio is a multiple choice, where only a single selection can be made
  • Checkbox is multiple choice where multiple pre-defined responses can be given

Next, add a label. This is the question that will be posed to the attendees and how it will be displayed to them. For example, “What is the best part of your working day?”.


If you have selected either "Radio" or "Checkbox" for your poll type, then you will have the additional “Value” section to add the responses that attendees can choose from as their response. Enter the values of each poll option or edit/delete existing values.

Decide whether to limit access based on ticket type
Once all fields are completed, click "Create Poll" in the bottom right to complete and save your poll.

How to Amend a Poll

First, locate the event that you would like to amend a poll for, then click on "Engagement", then "Polls" from the options on the left. Once you can see a list of your polls, click on the pencil icon to the right of the poll you would like to amend.

You will then be taken to the screen where you can amend your polls name, type, label, value (if applicable) and ticket types. Make the needed adjustments, then click “Update Poll” in the bottom right to save the changes.

How to Control and Operate Polls

Once you have created and are happy with your polls, these can be controlled from both the dashboard and from the live console for an event. You may choose to do this from the dashboard if you are a moderator or organiser of an event and want to take the strain off your live presenters/speakers. However if your presenters/speakers will be controlling these themselves, it is also possible to control polls from the live console, and this is the most widely used option. Let's explore both:

From the dashboard


First, locate the event you would like to control polls for within your projects. Once you've located the event, select "Engagement" and then "Polls" from the left hand menu. You will now have a full list of your polls. In the example below, we have a poll ready to be published. This is the "Eye colours" poll and we can see it is ready as we can see the green arrow. To publish the poll, click on the green arrow icon.


Once published, the page will automatically update with the time it was published, and the green arrow will turn red. At this point, the poll has been published and is visible to attendees of the event until they submit an option. These options will be displayed over the top of the video player on the event page. Once you are happy you have given attendees enough time to respond, you can click the red arrow icon to unpublish the poll. This means no further responses can be made.


Once the poll is unpublished, you will see the time it was ended, the number of submissions and be able to access the results. 


Referring back to the example above, we will look at the top poll to review these options on the right hand side.

  • View results: Magnifying glass icon - this will open a pop-up displaying the results of your poll
  • Display results: Graph icon - if you wish to show a visual representation of the results with your attendees during the event, select this option to do so
  • Reset: Circular arrow icon - this will reset your poll completely and disregard any previous results. You may choose to do this if you accidently publish a poll too early
  • Export: Download icon - this will allow you to download the results in a CSV spreadsheet format
  • Edit: Pencil icon - you can use this to amend your poll as previously mentioned earlier in the article
  • Delete: Red cross icon - this will permanently delete your poll and any responses

From the event console


Navigate to you live events console. You can do this by using your presenter login details that will have be provided to you by our Project Management team. Alternatively, using a login type with access to event consoles, navigate through projects and then find the event. You can then click the monitor icon to access the console.


The Polls will be housed in a pane on the right hand side of the studio


You can view a list of all polls or view each individual poll in detail.  When you have found the poll you wish to publish, click the "Publish Poll" button to make it visible to attendees (shown left below). You will then get a live count of the number of submissions to allow you to measure the engagement with the poll. Once you have enough submissions and would like to close the poll, click "End Poll".


After ending the poll, you will see the results of submissions and be given the option to display the results on stream to attendees. If you select this option you will continue to view the results, and the results will show on top of the video player.  After displaying the results they are still visible in the console in the polls tool.

How Polls Appear to Attendees

Note: If Ticket Types is enabled on your event. Only those individuals with correct ticket access will see the polls and the results. .

Once "Publish Poll" is selected, the poll will appear with the question and possible answers displayed above the video player. Once the attendee has submitted their answer, this will be removed. Once you select "Unpublish Poll", you will have the results to view from the streamGo dashboard or console. To then display the results for attendees, click "Display Results" and the results will appear above the video player in a chart format.

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