How To Access Email Reports

In this brief article we will be showing you how to download detailed email reports. This will give you a real insight into how engaged your audience was when it came to receiving your reminder emails etc.

Note: You will need to be logged in as a Manager, Editor or Reports user to be able to view these reports. Find out more about the different user login types here.

Downloading Email Reports

Click on "Reports" in the top navigation bar. From there click "Projects" on the left.

You will then be shown a list of all your projects for all of your events. You can view the event name, number of registrants, events and emails, as well as when the event took place. Select the relevant project you would like to run a report on by clicking on the project name.


Next, click on the download icon in the top right of the  Overall Activity section, and then select "Emails" from the drop down as shown below. (click to enlarge)


The report will be downloaded as a CSV file for you with the following fields:

Subject The subject line of the email
The event associated with the email
Name of user
Email of user
Time and date email was sent
Time and date email was opened by the user
Time and date user clicked on the event link in the email
Time and date email was responded to with a bounceback email
Time and date email was unsubscribed from
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