Referral Link Tracking

Easily measure campaign effectiveness with referral tracking tags.

How To Use The Refer Tag

Simply add the tags to the end of your registration page URL and the streamGo platform will record visits and registrations by these tags. The tags below are just suggestions, you can amend or add tags to suit your campaigns.

The tag should be structured like:

 ?refer= [YOUR-TAG]

Referral Link Swipe File


Campaign / Channel

Marketing email invite
?refer=email_banner Company email signature banner
?refer=ppc Pay Per Click ads (Google Ads)
?refer=twitter_organic Organic tweets
?refer=facebook_organic Organic Facebook posts
?refer=linkedin_organic Organic LinkedIn posts
?refer=twitter_ad Paid advertising on Twitter
?refer=facebook_ad Paid advertising on Facebook
?refer=linkedin_ad Paid advertising on LinkedIn
?refer=website_banner Banner advertising on your website
?refer=partner_email Track your partner’s campaigns by giving them these tags
?refer=sponsored_email Paid promotion in a 3rd party email