Scheduling an Email

In this help article, we will be looking at how to schedule emails for your project. If you've already created your email and are looking to approve it, find out how by clicking here.

Note: You will need to be an 'Editor' or 'Manager' user to edit emails. You can read our user login types help article, here.
Click on "Projects" in the top navigation bar and find the relevant project you want to create a new email for. Select this project, then click on 'Emails' in the left navigation menu


Next, click on 'Create Email' in the top right of your screen as per below screenshot

Now you will be presented with the screen below. On this page, you will need to select who the email will be sent to, where you can choose 'All Users', 'Attendees' and 'Non-Attendees'. Attendees are people who turned up for your event, and non-attendees are those who didn't show up. You may choose to direct a catch-up or on-demand email specifically to these people, so would select 'Non-Attendees'.
Note: As 'Attendees' and 'Non-Attendees' are defined following your event, if you with to send an email prior to the date of your event, you should select "All users" as your email type.
You will also enter the subject of the email, which will be displayed in the attendees email inbox and choose the time and date you would like the email to be scheduled to send. Then, populate your email with content using the text box area labelled 'Content'. Once you are happy with your email, click 'Create Email' in the bottom right of the page.

There are other additional settings to choose the name of the sender (this will appear in the attendees inbox) as well as the from email (typically a no-reply@ address).

If you click the toggle switch where it says advanced settings you can select to set up your from name and from email. Again, after any changes to these fields, ensure you click the 'Create/Update Email' button at the bottom of the page.

Once you have saved your updates, you can return to the 'Emails' section of your project. Here, you will now be able to see the email you have created in the list. Note that you will now need to approve your email to ensure it is sent at the scheduled date and time. To learn about how to do this, click here to view the help article.

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