Custom Landing Pages

The streamGo platform can support registrations taken on your own CRM or marketing automation system. This helps you keep registrations and your data in sync.

We'll set up the event

Our team will brand the event and setup all the relevant information in our system to allow us to record attendance data.

Building your form and pages

Using your landing page tool, marketing automation or CRM system build a form to capture registrations for your event. If it's a form you'll need to embed this on a webpage.

As contacts register for the event, they will also update in your automation/CRM system. It will also create new contacts as they sign up.

Confirmation and reminder emails

Upon registration your automation tool should automatically email the registrant to confirm. This should link to the registration confirmation page from streamGo and the streamGo hosted live event page.

That’s where things get clever - your streamGo contact will provide you with the bespoke URL for your event which can then be customised for each individual user in your automation tool using a mail merge. This allows you to provide us information on the attendee so that our attendance data can be tracked back to the individual.

The format of the URL will be different depending on your email software but the URLs are typically structured like this:

EVENT_URL/register/autoreg?name= [CRM_FIRST_NAME_LABEL]&surname= [CRM_SURNAME_LABEL]&email= [CRM_EMAIL_LABEL]

Please note that this structure of the URL replaces an old version, as of 1st Feb 2021.

Data protection

The streamGo platform is totally secure but if you prefer you can just send an anonymised contactID instead of name and email to our platform. This can then be used to track the attendance data back to an individual in your marketing tool.

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