Custom Code Embed

Track, Measure and Retarget With Your Own Code

streamGo’s event pages allow you to install your own tracking codes, so you can track, measure and retarget visitors to increase registrations or deliver post-event follow up campaigns.

What is it?

You can tag your event pages with your analytics or website tool. Some examples are;

  • Google Analytics.
  • HubSpot tracking code.
  • Exit intent pop-ups.
  • Social media advertising pixels.

Why is it good?

You can track user behaviour and visits in your own systems, trigger sales and marketing workflows and set up targeted social media ad campaigns.

Who’d love it?

Marketing Managers in particular would find this useful to track their event just like other campaigns. Adding your social media pixels/tags allows you to deliver ad campaigns to boost sign ups, drive attendance and reinforce post-event follow-up.

How does it work?

You just need to give us your codes - that’s it!

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