streamGo Browser Compatibility

The streamGo platform is compatible with most modern web browsers.

Supported Operating System Supported Browser
Chrome 48+ Firefox 44+ Safari 10+
Windows N/A
Android ✔* N/A
iOS X ✔  

Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge may work with the streamGo Platform but are untested and unsupported.

Additional Notes:

  • Javascript must be running and functional
  • 3rd party browser extensions may cause unexpected behaviour and are not supported.
  • Security settings may block part of the streamGo platform, we recommend referring to our article on firewall whitelisting for attendees
  • Corporate firewalls may also block video traffic - it is recommend to disconnect from any corporate network and / or use a personal network or device to mitigate these issues.

Installing Chrome

We recommend using Chrome as your browser. To download it on your laptop or desktop computer visit:

If you Android mobile device does not already have the Chrome browser installed, you can download it from the Google Play store here.

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