Breakout / Roundtable Session Browser Compatibility

If you're having trouble connecting to the breakout session please check your browser's compatibility using the table below;

Supported Operating System Supported Browser
Chrome 81+ Firefox 76+ Safari 13+
Windows N/A
macOS X
Android ✔* N/A

* For Chrome compatibility with Android, contact Google for more information. The minimum supported Chrome version may not be compatible with earlier versions of Android.

Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are not compatible with these sessions.

Firewall and Network Traffic

The following firewall and network traffic needs to be permitted:

Network Traffic Type Port / Type Destination Domain
HTTP 443 / TCP
WebSocket 443 / TCP ws-
region is the conference region; the possible values are:
- ca: Canada
- us: US
- eu: EU
- in: India
- au: Australia
Media 20000-65000 / UDP Open to all traffic

For HTTP and WebSocket requests, you can optionally whitelist *

Traffic to is not critical and is used for network monitoring and support.

For media traffic, you must open the ports to all traffic. If this is not possible, as an add-on feature, you can use our fixed IP pool, where we provide a list of IP addresses to whitelist on those ports. We do not provide FQDNs for our media servers.

Installing Chrome

We recommend using Chrome as your browser. To download it on your laptop or desktop computer visit:

If you Android mobile device does not already have the Chrome browser installed, you can download it from the Google Play store here.

Still struggling?

If you require further assistance you can email us via

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