Dynamic Question Functionality

This article will discuss the functionality of the Dynamic Questions system in the streamGo platform.

Article Contents:

Turning on Dynamic Questions

Log into the platform, https://events.streamgo.live/dashboard, using your login details provided by your Project Manager,

Select Projects in the top navigation. Then click the title of the event you wish to add questions to

Note: Check with your Project Manager whether your event includes Dynamic Questions

Expand the Content menu on the left and click Events. From here click the title or pencil icon for the event you wish to add Dynamic Questions to


In the Details section you can toggle on Dynamic Question and Poll Management. You can also select whether or not to Display All Questions Automatically


Be sure to Click the Update Event button once you have toggled this on

Dynamic Question Overview


Display All Questions Automatically – This toggle will make it so all newly submitted questions will be public automatically, allowing users to see and vote up the questions. Use this when you trust your target audience to submit relevant and respectful questions


Public Toggle – This toggle will make it so the submitted question can be seen and voted on by the audience. Manually toggle these when you believe the question is relevant and helpful for your event


Number of Votes – See how many users have voted the question up, questions can only gain votes. There is no way for an audience member to take back a vote. Use this to gauge the questions reception


Reply – This allows you to respond to the users question, they will see the response below their video player

Audience View

The audience view allows the submitted questions to be sorted based on the number of votes received, and allows the audience to upvote questions they'd like to hear answered

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