Cloning a Project

In this article we will be showing you how to clone a project. Cloning is essentially copying a past online event and using this as your foundations to create a new one. This means you can carry across any bespoke styling, branding etc. You can pick and choose exactly what elements you would like to clone. If you aren't looking to clone a project and are looking for help on navigating or editing an existing project, read our help article on this here.

Note: You must have a Manager login type to be able to clone and edit a project or event. You will also need to have a semi-managed or self service agreement. If you're unsure you have the correct user type, read this help article. If you are unsure on what type of agreement you have, reach out to your Sales Representative.

Go to "Projects" in the top navigation bar. To clone the desired project, use the clone button to the right as shown below.
Next, you will be presented with a popup dialogue asking for a new name for this project. Ensure you change this to avoid confusion. Then, you had the ability to choose which elements of the project you wish to clone. To explain what each of these mean:
  • Access: This sets the event up with the same access restrictions as the event you are cloning
  • Accounts: This ensures that any accounts you have are carried across to each event. Presenter accounts should be carried over, if you have any sponsor specific accounts it is best not to carry this over
  • Branding: This will carry over any branding featured on the last event, such as colours and imagery
  • Content: This will carry over any content you have on the cloned event
  • Events: This will clone events within your project. If you are cloning an event that has an on-demand you may wish to manually remove this from the new project
  • Fields: This will clone any registration fields you have set against your event
Once you have selected the desired options you wish to clone with your project, click the "Clone Project" button. You will then be taken to the Details section of the new project with a visual prompt at the top of the page reading "Project cloned successfully".

For instructions on how to further customise all the specific details within the cloned project, be sure to read our help article on Navigating and Editing Your Project here.
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