Create an Attendee Feedback Page

Gather Audience Feedback via a Dedicated Form

Our Feedback page type allows you to create a form within your project to gather responses from attendees to help craft your future events.

Article Contents:

How to create a feedback page:


When editing your project in the dashboard select Pages under the Content drop down.


Use the Create Page button in the top right and select Feedback Page as your Page Type.

How to add feedback fields:


Now you have created your feedback page you can now add feedback fields. To create or amend fields select Feedback Fields under the Page Content drop down.

Tip: Only pages with the page type of Feedback Page have the Feedback Fields option. If you do not see this option double check you have your page type set correctly.


Click the Create Feedback Field button or select and existing field you would like to edit. Within the field editor set up your field to gather the information you need.

Tip: You can drag your existing fields into order if needed
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