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This article will cover the streamGo chat tool and how to add it to your project.

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What is attendee chat?

The streamGo chat tool can be used to allow attendees of your event to chat together. This can be used for networking, topic discussion and even to allow attendees to chat directly with event sponsors on their dedicated pages. You can also use in built matchmaking to direct attendees towards their most suitable contacts based on their response to your custom matchmaking questions.

Note: Chat requires that a project must be set to unique passcodes for attendees.

How to enable chat

Select the project you would like to add chat to.
In the project's details settings, scroll to the bottom and use the toggle to enable chat on the project. 

As it is a requirement, you may notice that the Passcode settings will also automatically change to Unique passcode when chat is toggled on.

How to create chat rooms

With chat now enabled you can now navigate to the chat settings within the Engagement features of your project.
From within the chat settings select the "Chat Rooms" menu from the top right. 
From this menu you can create new chat rooms, edit or delete existing rooms and download messages from your chat rooms.

How to embed chat on a page

Chat is available to attendees on all pages via the widget at the top of the page however you can also embed the chat component into your pages using the following steps:

Note: This can be done either at project level where the change will be applied to all pages of that type or at individual event/page level to only embed chat on that specific page.
Navigate to your layout settings under the "General" group of settings.
Drag the "ChatGo - Embed" component into the desired position in the layout. 

How to enable and customise matchmaking

Matchmaking is optional and allows you to set questions which when completed by chat users can help them see suggestions of other users they should connect with based on their responses. For example you could use this to match buyers of a product with sellers of that product.

Enable matchmaking by using the toggle in your chat settings.
Click on Matchmaking Questions to create and edit the matchmaking question which will be used. From this page you can also download a report of responses to specific matchmaking questions.  

Matchmaking question type definitions:

Question Type Definition
Single Answer Matches are made by the same answer being given
Multiple Answer Matches are made by the same answer being selected however attendees can select multiple responses to the same question
Opposite Answer Matches are made to attendees who gave the opposite answer
Group Answer Similar to the single answer option however answers are grouped when displayed

How to set up sponsor chat

If your project has sponsors one of their representatives can be assigned to the chat on their page. When an attendee visits a sponsor page they will be given the option to directly message this representative of your event sponsor. You can use the following steps to assign sponsor chat users:

From the project chat settings click on the Sponsors menu.
click create sponsor and fill out their information.
Once you have created your sponsors you can now assign them to their relevant sponsor pages. In the dashboard, under pages, select the relevant sponsor page and use the chat sponsor drop down to select the correct sponsor for that page.

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