Pass Criteria for Events

This article will help you understand how to setup the pass criteria for your event sessions.

  1. At event level, Select Engagement, CPD.
  2. Tick Enabled (this enabled CPD on this event and means this event will go towards the CPD requirements for the project)
  3. Enter the CPD length in minutes (this is usually the length of the event session (i.e. 60 mins) but may differ if you have a session that is longer than the amount of credit awarded).
  4. Enter the % of Content Viewed (this is the % of the content a user must view in that event to pass).
  5. Select the Type of viewing
    1. Any content upto % - this means that any part of the content can be viewed and will be counted towards the pass %. For example, if your pass percentage was 50%, a user could watch the first 25% of the event and the last 25% of the event and not the middle 50%.
    2. First % of content - this means that the user must watch the content from the start upto the percentage. For example, a user must watched the first 50% of the event - joining late or not watching from the start means they will not be awarded credit.
  6. Number of polls answered - this field is optional. You can enter the number of polls that must be answered in order to be awarded credit. For example, if your event had 6 polls and you entered 3 in this box - the user would have to answer any 3 polls to gain credit.
  7. % Polls pass mark - this field is optional. You can enter a pass mark % for the polls. For example, you have 6 polls with graded answers and you need users to enter the correct answer for 3 polls you would enter 50% in this box.
  8. Remember to click Update to save your changes.

You will, need to complete the steps above for every event that has CPD. Noting, you also need to re-enter this for any on-demand CPD once the on-demand event is created (whether this is done manually or automatically).

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