About CPD

Throughout this and other guides we use CPD (Continuing Professional Development) as the term to refer to this feature. There are many terms that relate to this across industries including CPE, e-learning, accreditation. streamGo use the term CPD across the platform.

What is CPD?

The CPD feature of the streamGo platform allows you to track users attendance and then provide certification confirming their attendance.

The following functionality is available enabling a lot of customisation on this feature:

  • % of content viewed
  • requiring a certain number of polls to be answered before
  • requiring a certain pass % on poll answers (allowing for grading poll responses)
  • customise the amount of CPD length awarded (meaning it doesn't have to be the same length as the event)

For example, you could use this feature to have the following criteria for attendees to pass and receive a certificate:

  • watch at least the first 75% of the content
  • answer three polls correctly
  • provide a CPD certificate with length of 60 minutes for a webinar lasting 50minutes.

Another example:

  • watch at least the 50% (any portion) of the content 
  • answer 5 polls (but any answer is acceptable)
  • provide a CPD certificate with length of 60 minutes for a webinar lasting 60 minutes.

These customisations are available for every event sessions - so each session can have a different pass requirement. One certificate can then be awarded detailing the total CPD minutes awarded across the entire event (in the case of a virtual conference).

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