Event Page Checklist

Your event pages are setup and ready to go and we’ve made checking them quick and easy

It’s important you check this list carefully so you can ensure that every part of your registration process is perfect before you promote it.

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Registration Page

Login Page

Thank You Page (The page after a user registers)

Live Event Page (Attendee view)


Confirmation Email

Reminder Emails

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Logon to the streamGo dashboard to monitor your reporting

Your Event Producer will have sent you a reporting guide and a login for the platform to monitor your registration data.

Setup a Tech Check

Tech checks are a 30 minute session with your streamGo Event Producer and your presenters - they’re used to discuss all things technical before the event. They typically happen 1-2 weeks before the event at a mutually convenient time. You can contact your Event Producer on heretohelp@streamgo.co.uk to book these in.

Setup a pre-record session (if required)

Are you pre-recording some or all of the content of your event? Then a pre-record should be done at least two weeks before your live event date. Your Event Producer will run this with your presenter(s). You can contact your Event Producer on heretohelp@streamgo.co.uk.

Create your PowerPoint deck

All of your presentations should be combined into one PowerPoint slide deck (i.e. if you have multiple presenters it will contain slides for presenter 1 followed by presenter 2). The deck should contain all relevant resources such as embedded videos or fonts and not rely on external sources. It’s essential this is provided to your Event Producer 24 hours before any pre-record or live event. Remember to let us know if you have any custom fonts.

Consider one click registration

If you have all the data you require from your potential attendees this can be prepopulated by using our autoreg link. Allowing delegates to register with a single click.

Consider adding refer tags to your URLs

You can easily track where sign ups are coming from by using refer tags on the URL. At the end of your URL provided by streamGo add 


this will then show up in your reporting. Check out this help article for some ready-to-go refer tags.

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