How to Create and Amend Ticket Types

Ticket Types allow you to limit access to certain elements of your events based on the Ticket a registrant is assigned. This article will discuss how to create Ticket Types and also how to amend or assign Ticket Types against your Registrants.
Note: You will need a Manager Account to perform the below actions.

Article Contents:

How to Create Ticket Types


Select Projects in the top navigation. Then click the title of the Project you wish to add a Ticket Type to


Expand the Advanced menu on the left and click Ticket Types


If this is the first Ticket type for this Project, you need to enable Ticket Types using the toggle top right


You can then click Create Ticket Type


Enter the name you’d like for the Ticket Type and select if it should be given to registrants as a Default Ticke


You can now drag and drop the Ticket Types to arrange them as you’d like

How to Amend or Assign Ticket Types

Note: Ticket Types can be assigned when bulk uploading registrations. Please review the article here to learn how to upload registrants.

Select Projects in the top navigation. Then click the title of the Project in which you would like to Assign or Amend a Ticket


Expand the People menu on the left and click Registrants. This will display a list of all registrants including the Ticket Type currently assigned to them

Note: If there is no Ticket Type column please follow the above instruction number 6 to toggle on the Ticket option.


Click the third icon under Actions against the registrant you want to assign or update the ticket for


Toggle on any Ticket Types you would like assigned to that registrant

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