streamGo Pro - Creating an Event and Accessing the Console

How To Create an Event and Access the Presenter Studio Link

This article will show you how to create an Event and Access the Presenter Studio Link for that Event
Note: You will need a 'Manager' login to create an event. You can read our user login types help article, here.

Article Contents:

Video walkthrough

Step by step guide

Login to the streamGo platform using the details provided by your Project Manager.

Select your desired Project from the list found in the top navigation.

From the Content menu select Events

In the Events Menu you can click Create Event

You will then be presented with a number of customisable options

  • You can select the Type of Event
  • You can amend the Title of your Event (This will typicaly default to match the Project title)
  • You can adjust the Start and End Times of your Event. The End Time will default to 1 hour after the Start Time
  • You can adjust the Event Timezone if this differs from the Project
  • You can choose to Allow Questions for your Event
  • You can turn on the option to allow a PPT and then drag the file in to load it.
Click Create Event

Access the Console Link

Once you have created your event you will see a new field called Presenter Studio Link. This link can be circulated with your speakers and will log them straight into the Presenter Studio for this event.

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