Setting up and understanding the different types of Roundtable

This article will explain the different types of Roundtable that can be used for your Virtual Event and will explain how to set these up.
We recommend having a Moderator for each individual Roundtable.

Article Contents:

Types of Roundtable

Round tables can take three forms which are:

Users are placed into round tables on a first come first serve basis. Once the first roundtable fills, the second will begin filling and so on.

Users are placed into pre determined roundtables. Contact your project manager to arrange the setup of these.

Users can see who is in a round table session and choose which to join if there are seats available.

Roundtable setup guide

Roundtables can be setup in a number of ways depending on what is most suitable for your event. Firstly decide on the room type, this will be either individual meetings for one to one talks or round tables where multiple users can join.

You can set a limit on how many people can be in each roundtable.

We recommend having no more than 10 people per room.

If you expect more than 10 people to want to join roundtables you can create multiple rooms.

When setting up your round table use the toggles to turn on or off the features of your round tables.

Chat - Allows users to use the text chat function
Screen share - Allows users to share their screen with anybody else on the call
Video - Allows the use of webcams rather than audio only

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