HubSpot Integration

All your sales, marketing and online event data in one place.

HubSpot is one of the leading marketing and CRM automation tools, used globally by companies of all sizes.

streamGo’s unique integration with HubSpot means that your event data can be used to trigger workflows and automations without having to lift a finger.

Once the integration is setup, any registration and attendance data from your events is automatically synced from our platform direct to HubSpot, updating existing contacts or creating new leads.

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Here’s what we sync to HubSpot

New project created in the streamGo Platform:

  • A new list is created in HubSpot labelled ‘streamGo Webinar: [Project Title].

After each registration:

  • All attendee information captured. If the contact exists in HubSpot the data is updated, if they do not, a new contact is created.
  • The contact is added to the new list created in the project creation stage above.

streamGo send reminder emails to the registered attendees:

  • This email is recorded as an activity in HubSpot as a sent email.

Post event reporting:

(These updates are done every night at 1am UK time).
  • A new list is created in HubSpot labelled ‘streamGo Webinar: [Project Title] Attended Live’. This will include all the contacts who attended your live event, to help you segment and send follow up emails and lead nurture campaigns.
  • A new list is created in HubSpot labelled ‘streamGo Webinar: [Project Title] Attended OD’ .This list will fill up with any On-Demand viewers.
  • A new note is added to each contact with their event data. It will look like this:
‘streamGo Webinar: [ project title ] Attended Live. Watched: xxxx / Active: xxxx’.

Registrant referral data:

  • A contact property in HubSpot labelled ‘streamgo_refer
  • The refer code is the data we capture on registration when using the '&refer=[ADDYOURTEXT]' tag.
  • This can be toggled off in organisation settings"

Setting up the integration

HubSpot API

To make sure your event data syncs accurately, our platform needs to connect to your HubsSpot API. You can do this by visiting the HubSpot integration area of the dashboard and clicking "Authenticate with HubSpot". This will ask you to authenticate with HubSpot and give permission for the streamGo app to connect to your account.

Once connected, the integration is complete. You can customise your integration further by mapping contact fields between HubSpot and streamGo below.

Map your contact fields

To make sure all the data we capture for your event syncs to your HubSpot contacts, we need to map the registration form fields to your HubSpot account. We do this using the HubSpot Internal name for your contact fields, such as first name. Just follow these steps in HubSpot to find the Internal name for your contact fields:
Click the  Settings cog (in the top right of your account).
Select  Properties.
Ensure you are on the  Contact properties tab.
Select each  Property you want to sync data for.
Copy these  Internal names and add them to the relevant registration field of your project in the streamGo dashboard as a HubSpot Reference

Top tip: Add the HubSpot references to the registration fields of your starter project, that way they will be copied across when cloning new projects.

Event page tracking

If you would like to track who has visited your registration, live and on- demand event pages in HubSpot. All we need is your Tracking Code. Just follow these steps in HubSpot to find your Tracking Code:
Click the  Settings cog (in the top right of your account).
Select  Reports and then  Tracking Code from the drop down options.
Copy the  Embed code and send it to your streamGo contact, they’ll do the rest..
In the   Advanced tracking tab, you may need to add your event URL to the domains list or ensure  “Limit tracking to these domains” is set to  Off.

What will streamGo do next?

We’ll add your tracking code to your event pages

  • We’ll attach your tracking code to your project so that you can see who’s visiting your event pages. This tracking code will copy across to new projects as we set them up.

Test, test, test!

  • We’re big advocates of testing at streamGo so, during our event testing, we’ll be in touch to ask you to check the HubSpot integration is creating lists and updating contacts as expected.
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