How to Add Vocabulary to an Event

Vocabulary is used to help flag words or terms likely to come up in an event to aid the accuracy of captioning. Vocabulary can be added at both project and event level. Vocabulary added at project level will apply to all events within that project whereas vocabulary added at event level will only apply to that specific event.

To add vocabulary at a project level, select your project and click on vocabulary in the navigation bar on the left. To add vocabulary at an event level, select your project, head to events in the left hand navigation then select the event you want to add vocabulary to. Once in the event select vocabulary from the left hand navigation bar.


  • Should be written in spoken form (eg; “iphone seven”)
  • Do not use punctuation (except apostrophes)
  • Separate words/phrases with a comma

Once you have added your vocabulary, click update vocabulary in the bottom right to save your changes.

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