Sentiments - What are they and how can you add them?


This article will talk through what sentiments are and how you can use them for your event.

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What are Sentiments?

Sentiments are clickable responses below a video player to further allow the audience to engage with an event. Sentiments are added at a project level and so apply to all events related to that project.

Adding Sentiments to your event

Click the Projects menu then click the specific Project you want to add sentiments to.
Click on the engagement header in the navigation bar on the left then select sentiments

Use the toggle switch on the top of the page to enable sentiments on your project

To create a new sentiment click the create new sentiment button
Create a name for the rating and upload an image to be associated with that rating. This is the image which will be shown to attendees which they will click to react.
Note: The images used for sentiments must be square images (equal width and height) and be a png file

Click create sentiment to save your changes
There are existing sentiments available to everybody to be added. These can be added using the Add sentiment button
Existing sentiments can be edited or deleted by using the icons to the right of existing reactions

Viewing Audience Responses

Click the Projects menu then click the specific Project you want to view reports for
Expand the Analytics menu and click on Events. The click the Event you wish to view the sentiment report for.

Here you can see a breakdown of information regarding that event and towards the bottom you will find the Sentiments linked to that event. Here you can see an overview of how many people provided which sentiment.

For a more detailed look at sentiments across an event hover over the download report button to the top of the page and select the sentiment report option. Once your report has compiled you will be given a notification to be able to download your report as a .csv file. This report will provide a detailed breakdown of which registrants provided which sentiment reaction and at what time.
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