Reporting - Attendees at an Organisation Level

View Attendee statistics across your entire event

In this guide we will walk you through how to view your attendees at an Organisation Level.

Note: This report feature is only available when logging in at Manager level.
Firstly, login to the streamGo platform by visiting
Once logged in, click Reports in the navigation menu.

You will first be taken to the Overview. This shows the Total Number of Unique Registrations across your Projects, and the Total Sessions across your Projects.


Clicking Projects in the left menu will show a list of all Projects you have access to, alongside information specific to each Project. This will show Total Registrants, Number of Events and Number of Emails against each Project.

Clicking Registrants will present more information related to your Registrants.
  • Number of Unique Registrants
  • Average Session Time per Registrant shows the average length of time of a session per registrant
  • Average Viewed Time per Registrant shows the average length of time spent viewing video content per registrant
  • Total Sessions shows the total number of sessions created across all of your Projects
  • Average questions asked per registrant shows the average number of questions per each registrant across all Events.

Below this information you will see a list of all unique registrants, alongside the number of Projects they have registered for and the number of questions they have submitted

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