Tech Check: How to use and control slides

Once logged in your producer will give you slide control. From that point you can turn on or off your own control as needed.

You can then use the right hand button to advance your slides forward.

The slide on the left hand side is your current slide and the slide on the right hand side is your next slide/animation.

If there are any notes included in your deck they will appear below the slide on the right hand side.

Beneath the slides there are a few tools you can use.

For the laser pointer tool, if you click on this and select laser pointer you can highlight areas of your slides. To turn that off click on the laser pointer again and then again from the drop down click on the laser pointer.

To use the all slides view, where you can select any of the slides, clicking on one of them allows you to jump to a different slide in the deck. The slide the audience are viewing has a red border.

To use the magnifying tool, click the magnifying glass tool. This will give a rectangle over the slides. You can then click and you will zoom in on the section inside the rectangle. The audience do not see the rectangle for the selection.

Video walkthrough:

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