Including break times in your agenda

This article will cover how you can include a break in your event agenda without it impacting your navigation and Live Redirect

We all need a break!

If you are running a full day of sessions you will likely be planning to include some breaks for attendees between content. Your agenda will show the start and end time of your individual events however if you want a break to appear in your agenda as if it were an event we suggest following these steps:

Create your break event


From within your project head to Content > Events and create your break in the same way you would set up your other sessions.


Ensure that the timings of your break are correct and give it a name such as "Lunch Break".

Tip: You could use the event content of the break event to make suggestions to attendees such as to check out sponsor booths or interact via the networking chat!

Use tags to change how the break event is handled


Open the break event you just created and head to Event Content > Tags


You can create the tags "no-ca" and "no-page". The no-ca tag will prevent attendees being able to add the event to their custom agenda and the no-page tag will prevent the event from being clickable in the agenda.

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