Amending Page Layout

In this article we will be looking at how to alter the default layout of a page. Page layouts can be set at project level to apply this change to all pages of that type in your project, or at event/page level which will just make that change to the individual page you are controlling.

Note: You must have a Manager or Editor login type to have access to layouts.

Layouts can be found either at project or event level via the left hand navigation under the Details section
The layout will already be populated showing the layout that is currently in use along with the available components to the left.
Note: The "Splitter" component is a vertical split on the page. Anything placed above it will be on the left of the page and anything below to the right.
To adjust layouts you can drag and drop the components in the list to change their position on the page. You can also add additional components from the stack on the left, dropping them into the position in the layout you would like. When you have made your changes remember to save the layout using the Update button at the bottom of the page.

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