Advice for attendees

This article provides advice that should be provided to your attendees ahead of a CPD event. You may also want to include this advice across your event pages to aid attendees.

The CPD process for attendees

  • Attendees watch a session.
  • Attendees answer any polls required.
  • Attendees check their progress on the tracker page (projecturl/certificate)
  • This page shows all current sessions that have CPD enabled and the progress on polls and viewing.
  • Once at least one session is passed, the view certificate button displays for the attendee allowing the attendee to access a PDF certificate.

Advice for Attendees

  • Attendees should use Google Chrome to engage with the event.
  • Javascript and Cookies must be enabled.
  • We advise watching a small portion of the event and then checking progress on the attendee tracking page (projecturl/certificate).
  • This page updates with a small delay but it will enable attendees to see how much of the content they have watched. If an attendee finds their tracking is not working then we advise:
    • changing device
    • changing network connection / Internet access
    • ensuring they are not viewing in private or incognito mode.
  • Poll questions during the live event are displayed until the presenters unpublished them, it's important to watch the session to take part in the polls as quickly as possible.
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