How to use Build Mode

The streamGo platform contains a Build Mode to aid the event customisation process. This article will detail how to access build mode and how to use it.

Note: You must have an Admin login to access Build Mode

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Video walkthrough

How To Access Build Mode

Firstly, login to the streamGo platform by visiting and using your login details provided by your Project Manager. Once you're logged in, go to "Projects" in the top navigation bar. Locate the Project you wish to look at and click the title or pencil icon to the right
Next, you should expand the Content Menu on the left and Click on Events. Locate the Event that you'd like to work on and click either the event title or the pencil
Expand the General Menu on the left and click System Links
Here you can access a number of useful links. You can copy the Build Mode link by clicking the clipboard icon to the right
Open this link in another tab and you will see your event page in it's current state

How To Use Build Mode

Follow the steps above to open your page in build mode
You will see a number of pencils across your page. These show any customisable areas.
Clicking the pencil will take you to the specific area in the back end of the streamGo platform to be able to edit this section.
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