RTMP streaming

Broadcast your live in person event or stream direct from your own streaming software using RTMP

The streamGo platform allows you to stream to your event page from your chosen streaming software or collaborate with an AV team without losing any of your usual streamGo analytics or engagement tools.


In your event select RTMP Encoder as your webinar type


When launching your RTMP encoder you have the option for it to be an instance based in Europe or the USA, we advise selecting the location closest to where you are streaming from.


When your rtmp studio has launched you will see the rtmp details unique to your current instance along with the settings to use in your streaming software


You can then begin streaming from your streaming software, you will see a preview of your incoming stream in the large event preview area.


When your event is due to begin you can use the start broadcasting button to begin sending your stream to the event page. It is also at the point that this button is pressed which will begin your on-demand recording.

Note: As with standard webinars the event page will show a countdown over the video player until 5 minutes ahead of the event start time. There will be the standard pre-roll video loop playing until you begin your broadcast from the rtmp studio.

At the end of your event, end the broadcast using the start/stop broadcast button. This will also stop your on demand recording. When you shut down the rtmp console you will have the same options as standard webinar studios asking if you would like to publish your on demand recording. 

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