How to use Pastel to give feedback on event pages

This help guide will provide instructions on how to use Pastel to annotate any amends you have for your streamGo project/event pages.

Walkthrough video


FAQ: What is Pastel? Pastel is an online tool that allows us to easily collect client feedback with regards to pages we are building for them.
You will be sent a link to your page on Pastel by your Project Manager. If your pages have been made by the streamGo team and you haven't received a link to give feedback on them, reach out to your Project Manager.

Once you have reached your page using Pastel, you will then need to check that the toggle at the bottom has been moved to 'Comment'. Once you have done this, you can then simply select the area that you would like to comment on and type out the correction required. You can also choose whether to view the site in desktop or mobile view, by toggling the icons representing these views in the bottom left. To save your feedback, click 'Post comment' to confirm.

Whilst leaving comments, you will see that these save in the full list by clicking on the button in the very bottom left. Once you have reviewed your page in full and left all your comments, please email your Project Manager to let them know this has been done and to allow our team time to review your requested changes ahead of your event.