How to Add and Remove Presenter Accounts

In this help article we will be looking at how you can add or remove presenter accounts to access your events. In most cases, projects will have a generic email that will be used to login and access the event console. However, you may wish to create specific presenter accounts for reoccurring presenters or speakers.

Note: You must use a 'Manager' account to be able to create or remove accounts. You can find out more about user login types here.
Firstly, login to the streamGo platform using your Manager login details by visiting Once you have logged in, click 'Accounts' in the top navigation menu. You will now have all accounts in your organisation displayed, showing the email address for that account and the role associated with it.


To create a new presenter account, click on the 'Create Account' button in the top right corner of the page. Next, fill out the details for the presenter and check the 'Presenter' box in the role selection at the bottom. Once checked a dropdown menu will appear to select the project the account will be able to access. You can also use the 'Add another' button to make the new user a presenter for multiple projects.


Once you are happy and have filled out all of the details, click 'Create Account' to complete the setup. You will then get a confirmation to show the account has been created successfully. You can now return to the view all of your accounts by clicking on the 'Accounts' tab in the top navigation menu.


To remove a presenter from the project, find the presenter you want to remove in the list and simply click the red cross icon to the right side of the page. If you don't want to completely remove the account and only want to remove access to specific projects, you should click on the pencil icon and you will then see the option to remove each project separately.

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