Video Format Requirements

If you plan on sending us videos to play out as part of your event, for us to use as your replay/simulive or on-demand sessions, or you have videos that you would like to embed into your PowerPoint presentation, then you must send across each video file ahead of your event in order for us to process them.

Note: Timelines will vary, so please check with your Project Manager for deadlines regarding video deliverables.

Other Details to Note:

  • If you send us a PowerPoint with videos embedded please also send us each video separately as well as the PowerPoint file. Once you have inserted the videos into the PowerPoint, file please check the videos play back correctly. You may want to send this onto a colleague who does not have the videos downloaded to check videos are embedded and work correctly.

  • Videos being sent to us should be full HD (1920px x 1080px), though we do accept 1280px x720px. We can also accept standard definition videos, which are 480p, but we wouldn’t recommend this. 

  • The codec we prefer is .MP4 in H264, though we also accept .MOV, however these files are generally quite large which is why we don't suggest using this format.

  • If you need to re-encode or reformat your media before sending to us, we recommend using the following software:

  • If you are embedding your clips into a PowerPoint presentation, please use the recommended video formats listed above as well as sending us the embedded video files separately