How To Use Our Virtual Event Information Spreadsheet

To help make it quick and easy for you to provide us with accurate information about your virtual event we have created a Google spreadsheet.

Using this spreadsheet you can easily add and edit information such as presenter names and bios, agenda items and sponsor booth content.

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Help Tab

This page is to help you get started, selecting the cells will bring up a link to click which will take you to the relevant sheet to start adding your content.

Presenters Tab

This is where you should add in all the information you can about all of your presenters into the green cells. Please take care to enter the information exactly as you’d like it to appear on the virtual event page.

Please email any photos of presenters to your event producer, each image should be named as the presenter’s name. These images should be square and a minimum size of 300px x 300px

Agenda Tab

This sheet is where you should enter the details of your event sessions including title, description, type and timings. These sessions need to be entered in chronological order e.g. Agenda Item 1 = First session of your virtual event

Type of Session

Using the dropdown values, select the type of session. If it’s a break in the agenda this still needs it’s own details filled in.

Date & Time (UK)

As the streamGo platform is configured to UK time, it’s important to fill this information in accurately, even if your event is intended for attendees in a different time zone. To easily convert your attendee time zone to UK time you can use this tool

Attendee Time

This is what will be displayed on your virtual event pages for your attendees to see. You can enter multiple time zones if required, please make sure you check the times for the date(s) of the event to ensure the time zone conversions are correct.

Title & Description

These two fields will show on your agenda , so please double check for any typos or formatting errors.

Presenter Dropdowns

Select which presenters will be involved with the agenda item. Please note that the dropdown list  is populated from the presenter tab so you will need to add the presenters to that tab first.

Alerts Tab

If you have any planned notifications to send to all attendees during your event you can schedule them here (in UK time). You can use these to alert attendees of a session starting or to visit a certain part of the virtual event. These alerts will appear to all attendees and on all pages.

Sponsor Booth Tabs

If your event has sponsor booths,, please use these tabs to enter sponsor information.

About the sponsor

Usually a description of who the sponsor is and what they do, this text will be a main feature of the booth.

Email addresses for chat invites

If your virtual event deal includes live chat on all (or selected) sponsor booths please enter the email addresses of the sponsor contacts who will be managing the live chat tool. They will receive an email to set up their live chat tool before the event, this will come from


Sponsor booths allow sponsors to feature related content to appeal to attendees. Entering accurate information for the content title, type, link and file name will help reduce amends from your sponsors.

If you need more sponsor booths, simply right click on an existing (and preferably blank) sponsor booth tab, located along the bottom of the window, and select “duplicate”. This will create a copy of the tab which you should then rename with the relevant number in the sequence. This can be done as many times as you require / as agreed in your virtual event deal terms.

Important notes

  • You only need to enter information into the green cells. The other cells are for streamGo use to help build your virtual event pages.
  • Please let your event producer know when you make updates to this sheet. Your event producer will then make sure they use the latest information to create or amend your virtual event pages.
  • There are a number of protected cells, ranges and sheets. These will be used by the streamGo team to build your virtual event, so please don’t be concerned that you can’t edit these.
  • If you want to add line breaks into the content, you can do this by pressing CMD + Enter (mac) or CTRL + Enter (Windows).
  • Please do not use the function “insert a row/cells”. If you need to reorder your content, please cut/copy and paste. Using “insert” could cause a problem with the code this spreadsheet produces for your virtual event pages.

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