After The Kick-Off Call

What to expect after your initial call with our event production team.


Once we have the assets we can begin the page build. This should take up to a week depending on individual requirements. Once this is complete we can work together to make any required adjustments ready for sign off. Here's a reminder of what assets we need from you.


Alongside the page build we will also create email comms for you. The standard comms are;
  • Registration confirmation,
  • 24 hour reminder
  • 1 hour reminder.


You will receive a reporting login when the page is created, along with a guide to help with report access. This will allow you to track registrations as they come in. Don’t forget to use referral links in your promotion.

Setup a pre-record session (if required)

Are you pre-recording some or all of the content of your event? Then a pre-record should be done at least two weeks before your live event date. Your Event Producer will run this with your presenter(s). You can contact your Project Manager on

Book a tech check session (Virtual Events)

We always recommend to book in a 30 minute tech check for your virtual event. Just use our online calendar to find the time that's right for you. We strongly suggest booking a slot at least 7 days before your event where possible.

This tech check is ran by your Event Producer and is an opportunity for your presenters to:

  • See how the streamGo platform works
  • Practice advancing slides, use the pointer tool etc.
  • Understand how the event producer will support them during the live event
  • Test their webcam and audio set up (if appropriate).
  • Understand how the questions feature works.
Although your presenters will get a hands-on practice with the platform, this is not a full rehearsal, so please let your presenters know this prior to the tech check.

Check your Tech using our automated system (Webinars)

Provide a list of Presenters and Moderators to your Project Manager and they will ensure that everyone receives a link to check their system, alongside a number of our Tech Check guides. If the check is unsuccessful a member of our team will reach out to discuss further options.

Create your PowerPoint deck

All of your presentations should be combined into one PowerPoint slide deck (i.e. if you have multiple presenters it will contain slides for presenter 1 followed by presenter 2). The deck should contain all relevant resources such as embedded videos or fonts and not rely on external sources. It’s essential this is provided to your Event Producer 24 hours before any pre-record or live event. 


Your on-demand recording will be available soon after the live event. Your Event Producer will contact you when this is available.

Post event emails

Post event emails can be created once the on-demand is signed off. These will need to be approved before they are dispatched.