Multi Registration - What is it and how to set it up

Multi-Registration Forms

This article will talk through what multi-registration is, how it works and how to set it up.

Article Contents:

What is multi-registration?

Note: You will need to be logged in with an Admin account to enable Multi-Registration

Multi-Registration allows attendees to register for multiple projects at once using the same registration page. Typically registrants will see an option to register for related events on the Registration form.

Creating a multi-registration form

Firstly, login to the streamGo platform by visiting and use your login as provided by your Project Manager
Click the Organisations menu then click select Details on the left hand side of the page
Scroll to the bottom of the options and you can toggle on Enable Multi-Reg

This will then present the option to toggle on the Show All Projects. When toggled on this will mean that regardless of brand code all projects within your organisation will appear on registration pages.

Once the above steps have been completed you will need to ensure all Projects you wish to appear within each others Registration forms have the same Brand Code in your Project Details. This is not relevant if Show All Projects has been toggled on.